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  • The word “Orthodontics” is derived from the Greek orthos (“straight”) and odont (“tooth”).  But, providing patients with properly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile is just one of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. In some instances, misalignment of teeth can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and bone loss.  An “incorrect bite” can lead to speech impairments, chipped teeth and other dental injuries.

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    We take great pride in our treatment results and would like the beautiful smiles that we create for our patients to last a lifetime.  However, in some cases, teeth shift even with proper retainer wear. In these cases, we will re-treat our patients or provide active retainers to realign the teeth at no extra cost.

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  • After earning his bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Shemirani (aka Dr. Bobby) went on to attend dental school at the University of Southern California. In 2000, Dr. Shemirani graduated from dental school and moved to San Francisco to begin his residency program in orthodontics at the University of California, San Francisco, where he earned his specialty degree in orthodontics as well as a master's degree in science in 2003.

    In his spare time, Dr. Bobby enjoys skiing, playing tennis, playing classical piano and reading. Dr. Bobby, his wife and their two children live in Fremont.

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