• Testimonials

  • I am another adult that Dr. Bobby helped through the process of having braces. I was hesitant about getting braces since I work in a professional environment where I interact with clients to sell my company's services as well as manage associates. I didn't want to feel dumb or self-conscious when I spoke. Dr. Bobby helped me deal with my reservations with lots of information and support.

    I now have a smile that I'm more than satisfied with and keep it that way with a permanent retainer on my bottom front teeth and a night guard/temporary retainer on my top front teeth. I see Dr. Bobby every 6 months for incidental things like tightening the wires on my night retainer or checking the glue on my permanent retainer. Maybe some orthodontists would treat my conscientiousness as a nuisance but Dr. Bobby and his staff are always professional, welcoming, helpful, and friendly. Dr. Bobby always has a smile on his face and I leave his office pleased with my experience.

    Elizabeth J.

  • Fantastic! You should consult with Dr. Shemirani before going elsewhere, especially if they recommend surgery.

    I got braces as an adult and shopped around for almost a decade before taking the plunge. I never did it because all the "good" (aka expensive) orthodontists wanted me to have a serious surgery to align my jaw after the braces were on. The cheaper orthodontists told me they could make my teeth mostly straight but have to angle them backward. I didn't want to go through years of pain to have my teeth still look bad.

    Dr. Shemirani not only did not have to do surgery, but made a compelling case why I should not have surgery. I have since found out that he actually undersold it. A friend of a friend is recovering from that surgery and it is very serious surgery that kept her out of work for months.

    Other things I found out when shopping around is that other orthodontists will run little mini "scams", such as trying to get you to upgrade to special wires that have pre-made notches and cost another $900. None of that nonsense here.

    I found the office staff and the orthodontic assistants friendly and competent. And Dr. Shemirani was always very responsive to any issues or discomfort I had.

    The best part is that my teeth look amazing! I hid my teeth for so long that it's taking me a long time to unlearn closing my mouth when I smile. Now I feel a lot more confident in social situations and job interviews. I'm so glad I went to him.

    John H.

  • I'm 25 and just now signed up for braces. 10 years of procrastination at its best. It's not as expensive as I thought it was going to be and they seem to have payment plans here that make it affordable for everyone. Knowing that earlier would have led me to get them installed years ago and I would have been done by now.

    After reading their materials and their guarantees it is clear that they are here to help people and do the best work possible. They do care about the quality of their work and that is what matters most to me.

    My teeth had several issues and make them a bit more work then the average case but it didn't seem like as issue here. I am pleased that I opted for the ceramic braces. I originally chose them simply because they were more expensive and I ball like that but many people are not aware I have them. It's embarrassing as an adult to have braces so it is nice that this option makes them less noticeable.

    I was referred here and have been pretty satisfied so far. They are a very efficient organization and they could explain the process better but all I care about are the results. I can annoy some with the amount of questions I ask and they have answered them to my satisfaction. I recognize that they are professionals with years of training so they do know better than I do. I have another 22 months to go on my treatment so this will probably be updated at some point.

    Jerod J.

  • My husband and I finally decided it was time for us to perfect our smiles! We interviewed several orthodontists and Dr Shemirani's approach and our first meeting with him just felt right. We started treatment with him and considering that we are in our 30s and 40s, Dr Bobby and his staff made this experience worthwhile. They accommodated our appointment needs (we live one hour away from their office), they were always on time, very friendly and always explained procedures in detail. Now 1.5 years later, our braces are off, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results. We are so glad that we chose Dr Shemirani for our orthodontic needs and we will definitely recommend him to anyone around us who needs to consult an orthodontist. Overall, as uncomfortable as braces can be, this was an absolutely wonderful experience and that is thanks to Dr Shemirani and his staff.

    Aida J.