• Why Choose Us


    We take great pride in our treatment results and would like the beautiful smiles that we create for our patients to last a lifetime.  However, in some cases, teeth shift even with proper retainer wear. In these cases, we will re-treat our patients or provide active retainers to realign the teeth at no extra cost.


    We want our patients to finish their treatment with a beautiful and healthy smile!  When our patients first get their braces on, we provide them with thorough instructions as well as all of the dental supplies that they need to care for their teeth while they are in braces.  For our patients who play sports, we also include mouthguards designed specifically for use with braces. Whenever the supplies run out or the mouthguard is worn out, we will gladly replace them.   

    We also use Opal Seal® on every patient.  Opal Seal® is a new orthodontic primer (thin invisible layer) that is applied to the teeth before the braces are installed.  Opal Seal® acts as a physical barrier to prevent plaque from damaging the teeth’s enamel, while also providing a constant and safe source of fluoride.  This helps prevent decalcification (white spots) on the teeth, and helps our patients avoid getting cavities around the braces.


    In some cases, an alternative to orthodontic treatment with braces is Invisalign.  We want our patients to experience the same level of satisfaction with their finished result regardless of the treatment method they choose.  If the desired outcome is not achieved with Invisalign, we will treat our patients with braces at no extra cost.


    After the active phase of orthodontic treatment (i.e. after the braces are removed), patients are required to wear retainers indefinitely.  We see our patients on a regular basis to check their retainers for a minimum of two years after their orthodontic treatment. Subsequently, patients are instructed to come to our office if they have any concerns about their retainers, if they lose or break the retainers, or if they just want us to clean their retainers.  There is never a fee for these appointments.


    We realize that most of our patients either work or are in school.  To make it convenient for our patients to come to their orthodontic appointments, we offer appointments as late as 5:30 pm during the week.  We are also open one Saturday per month in each of our offices.


    We understand that our patients’ time is valuable.  We schedule our patients in such a way that they are seen on time for their orthodontic appointments.  We also make every effort to finish our cases within the time period that we estimate at the beginning of treatment.


    To ease the financial burden of orthodontic treatment, we offer interest-free financing to all patients, with no credit checks, no fees, and no penalties.  We also offer auto-payment service at no extra cost.


    Maximizing insurance benefits is always a high priority.  Benefits to seeing an “in-network” provider can include discounted rates or a higher benefit level.  We participate in most insurance networks, including (but not limited to) Cigna, Aetna, MetLife, Delta Dental PPO and Premier, United Concordia, Anthem BlueCross, Assurant, United HealthCare, Guardian, and Principal Financial.  We also offer special discounts to Careington 500 or PPO, Vital Savings, and SmileNet cardholders, and reduced treatment fees for patients who have no dental insurance.


    We have an entertainment area with a movie, Xbox, and PlayStation3.  We also have a Wooden Nickel program. At each appointment, patients are given Wooden Nickels for good oral hygiene and compliance.  At the end of their treatment, patients can trade in their Wooden Nickels for a prize. The top prize is worth $50!